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Herzlich willkommen im WikiProjekt Uganda in der Wikipedia. Dieses WikiProjekt dient dem schnellen Einstieg des Autors in Themen, die das ostafrikanische Land betreffen sowie der Koordinierung und Pflege der Uganda-bezogenen Artikel und des Leserportals Uganda.


UGANDA ID Number of all Lending Instrument(s) Department Environmental Classification P-UG-BA0-001 ONEC 2 Original Commitment Amount Amount Cancelled Amount Disbursed Percent Disbursed UA 5.35 Million UA 0.54 Million UA 4.81 Million 100,0

Uganda Overview

 · Uganda''s Human Capital Index (HCI) is low; a child born in Uganda today is likely to be 38% as productive when she grows up, as she could be if she enjoyed complete education and full health. A child who starts schooling at the age of 4 is only expected to complete 6.8 years of school by their 18 th birthday, compared to the Sub-Saharan average of 8.3.

Early history of Uganda

Earliest history Paleolithic evidence of human activity in Uganda goes back to at least 50,000 years, and perhaps as far as 100,000 years, as shown by the Acheulean stone tools recovered from the former environs of Lake Victoria, which were exposed along the Kagera River valley, chiefly around Nsonezi. ...


Stand: September 2015 Uganda Die Perle Afrikas "The kingdom of Uganda is a fairy -tale. You climb up … and at the end there is a wonderful new world. The scenery is differ-ent, the vegetation is different, the climate is different, and, most of all, the people are

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Uganda, country in east-central Africa. About the size of Great Britain, Uganda is populated by dozens of ethnic groups. The English language and Christianity help unite these diverse peoples, who come together in the cosmopolitan capital of Kampala, a verdant city whose plan includes dozens of small parks and public gardens and a scenic promenade along the shore of Lake Victoria, Africa''s ...

Uganda. Die wichtigsten Informationen über das Land

Uganda Referat: 17.03.00 Die Republik Uganda liegt in Ostafrika, grenzt im Norden an Sudan, im Osten an Kenia, im Süden an Tansania und Ruanda und im Westen an Kongo. Uganda ist Mitglied des Commonwalth of Nations. Das Land hat eine Fläche von 241 ...

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Uganda continued to grow, the gap between land ''haves'' and ''have-nots'' grew even wider. Disputes over the use and ownership of land increased. The Post-colonial era (The Land Reform Decree of 1975) In 1975, the Land Reform Decree was passed during the ...


Uganda is characterized by high rainfall and by large lakes, which feed the Nile River. On its way to the Nile, the water supports huge wetlands, which occupy at least 10% of Uganda''s land area of 205,333 km2 (Mafabi & Taylor 1993). Other sources talk about 13 ...

Bodenschätze Uganda

Rohstoffe - Afrika - Uganda Geringe Vorkommen von Gold und Erdöl finden sich im ostafrikanischen Uganda. Wert Ölvorkommen "73 Milliarden Euro an Erdölreserven besitzt das mit den Landesgrenzen zum Teil im Victoriasee verlaufende Land Uganda Stein ...

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